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Occupational Tax Ordinance

Walton County's Occupational Tax Ordinance requires the payment of prior year personal property taxes to be paid before a Business License can be issued.

Sec. 18-40. Evidence of Personal Property Ad Valorem Tax Payment Required. (RENEWALS ONLY)

New Business License applicants must apply at the Planning and Development Department at 303 S.Hammond Dr. Monroe, GA. 30655.

Businesses and practitioners subject to this occupation tax ordinance shall first, before the issuance of a county occupation tax certificate, show evidence that all personal property ad valorem taxes due and payable to the county have been paid.

Email completed form to our office at,

This form will be emailed back to the sender upon determination that all personal property taxes have been paid for the requesting business. This form will need to be submitted with your request for the "Occupation Tax Certificate" to the Planning and Development Department. Questions regarding this process, please contact Planning and Development at 770-267-1485.

Ad Valorem Tax for OCC Form (Business License # Required)